Wedding fair display

My table at the Wedding fair is all set up!

And here come the brides…20120925-153835.jpg

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Wedding cake designs

Here’s a first look at the 3 new designs I will be displaying in this weekend’s wedding fair.

The first one was inspired by an all time favourite wedding dress style:
Lace applique.

Each piece of lace is edible and made using special lace moulds.  A single large sugar flower is used to add a bit of colour.

The second one is based on the popular vintage theme.

This pale pink cake has silhouettes of the bride and groom dancing. The chandelier on the top tier has been piped free-hand using black royal icing.

The last one is in keeping with the latest wedding dress trend. Blue is touted to be the colour of choice for wedding dresses in 2013. This cake is inspired by a dress from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2013 collection.

The lace design on the middle tier was created using patchwork sugar flowers and piped royal icing. Took quite a few hours of intense work but worth it for the effect.

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Wedding fair in Guildford

I am really excited to be an exhibitor in the House of Fraser wedding fair in Guildford next week.

The fair will be held between 11 am and 4 pm on Saturday 22nd September at the Radisson Blu hotel in Guildford town centre. The entry for this event is free and if you/any of your friends are planning a wedding, please make it a point to visit this fair.

I will be displaying a few of my cake and favour designs in line with the current trends in cakes. Visitors would also be able to sample some cakes.  I will be taking bookings for further consultation and of course, there will be a discount for any orders placed on the day.


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Cake for Olympics torchbearers

At the recently concluded London Olympics, 8000 torchbearers carried the Olympic flame across the country. One of my friends, Sara, had the honour of being one of them. As you can see from her story, she is highly respected in the local community and is truly an inspiration for all of us.

To celebrate this occasion, my friend threw a party at her community centre this afternoon. It was a great opportunity for everyone to hold the torch themselves and get themselves photographed with it. The Mayor and Mayoress of Woking attended as did the local press.

She wanted to have a very special cake for her big party … something involving the Olympics as well as a depiction of her holding the torch.

Keeping this brief in mind, here is a picture of the cake I designed for her.

The cake was a rich chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache. The sugar figure was made keeping her torchbearer uniform. The colours used can easily be identified as the ones seen in the venues, tickets and signboards of the 2012 Olympics. The London skyline was widely used at the venues and TV coverage, so I decided to throw in an icing silhouette of the same.

The cake was on display throughout the party and almost all of us who attended took photos of it together with Sara.

Those of you who attend her parish will get a taste of it tomorrow.

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Shoe box cake

This is one is for all my shoe crazy girl friends.


Ordered for a customer who loves pink shoes, this was one fun girly cake to make!

As recommended by several fellow bloggers, I referred to the excellent tutorial by PinkCakeBox for instructions.

For a start, I went down to the shops and bought a pair of high heeled shoes. The straps of the left one were cut off to give me the base I needed for shaping the shoe.

A paper template was made from this shoe and was used to cut out the pink and black gumpaste to the right shape and size.

The gumpaste was then left on the base to dry out for about 3-4 days. The strap around the toes was placed around some crumpled clingfilm and stuck on to the base with royal icing. The strap was left to dry in this shape for 2-3 days.

The heel was made from gumpaste using the measurements of the shoe. A barbeque skewer was passed through it and the structure was left to dry on a cake dummy for a week.

Shoe and heel left to dry

The cake was made from 2 halves of a 10″ square chocolate cake stacked up to give the correct height.

Chocolate cake

To give it a box like effect, the 4 faces of the box were cut out from very stiff sugarpaste (lots of CMC added) that was left to harden overnight.

The edges were placed alongside the box and gently pressed to stick on to the ganache.

The lid of the box was made from sugarpaste mixed with a bit of CMC to allow it hold its shape better. It was rolled out such that each side was 2cm more than the top face of the box. This allowed it to be folded on top like the lid on a box.

The shoe was assembled just before placing on the board. The heel was stuck under the base using royal icing. The skewer in the heel was cut down to size to help it stay stable on the board.

The shoe is edible as it is made entirely from gumpaste. The next time you say “I’ll eat my shoe” just think of this one and you won’t regret it!

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Cake fit for a toast?

A few weeks ago, I was approached with a challenging brief. A customer wanted a cake for his wife who is allergic to eggs and lactose. The cake would have to be in the shape of her favourite champagne bottle. It would have to be standing upright.

I have made cakes without dairy products in the past & although these taste light and lovely but are not as sturdy as regular sponges. This makes them a bit tricky to carve into shapes. Bottle shaped cakes are usually done as laying flat on the board as they are difficult to balance upright and even more difficult to transport. Despite knowing the pitfalls, I couldn’t resist this challenge & decided to take it on.

After a bit of research, I came up with a more robust version of a dairy free sponge, which could be carved and could take a bit of weight on it. That was half the job done.

The rest was simpler than I had feared. The bottle was a Laurent-Perrier Cuveé Rosé which is slightly broader than regular champagne bottles. This made the balancing easier to achieve.

Champagne bottle cake

In principle, this is how you would do it for any bottle. (Apologies for having no pictures of the process – forgot to click any in my excitement to get this done!).
– Carve out circles of cake the size of the widest part of the bottle.
– Stack these on top of each other using very little filling.
– Use lightweight dowelling (I used lollipop sticks)
– Leave in the fridge to firm up a little.
– Carve out in the shape of the bottle.
– Apply crumb coat and leave to firm up.

For the neck, I used an ice-cream cone as this would give me the correct shape without putting a lot of weight on the cake. The cone was lightly coated with chocolate on the inside to give it a little bit of weight. The narrow end was cut to the size of the spout. The cork was a ball of sugarpaste stuck on the cone with some chocolate.

Upside down ice-cream cone

The neck of the bottle was then placed on the body, supported by a central wooden dowel.

The labels on the bottle were handpainted and stuck on the covered cake.

Handpainted labels

Here’s a picture of the cake with the original bottle for comparison.

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Party in the park

Woking Council celebrates its annual Party in the park tomorrow at the Woking park. It is a celebration for the entire community and there are a variety of family events held during the day.

We will have a stall in the food village selling cupcakes and cake slices . We are proud to be part of this event and hope to bring a lot of festive cheer with our delectable cakes.

If you are out and about, do visit us at our stall on the cricket pitch. There will be a selection of flavours for children and grown-ups alike.

An update:
A big thank you to all the people who braved the downpour and tasted all our cakes. It was lovely to see so many happy customers who kept coming back for more. Our entire stock was gone before the event ended!
Apologies to those who were too late.

Here’s a picture of the stall at
its fullest..


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