Picasso never tasted sweeter

The Picasso cake

As I mentioned in my earlier post, this cake is based on a painting by Pablo Picasso. It was commissioned by the husband of the artist Rayne Bellinger.

I was debating between painting directly on the cake or creating an icing collage. Ultimately, I opted for the second approach as it seemed more in character with the artist. Picasso was one of the originators of the word ‘collage‘ and used this method in his Cubist paintings. Besides, this painting depicts love as two bodies becoming one – so it is really about two lovers kissing rather than just one sitting on the armchair.

The cake was a rectangular Victoria sponge which was covered in white icing.

The individual colours on the painting were achieved by mixing small portions of icing with different colours to get to the correct shades.

Paper stencils for each part were cut out from a printed picture.

Cutting out parts

Part of the face

Cutouts assembled

The different colours were then rolled out and cut to the correct shape of the stencils.

The main areas were marked out on the white cake using tracings on parchment paper. Using these guidelines, the individual parts were assembled together like a jigsaw.

Icing assembled on cake

Finishing touches such as shaded areas, features on the face and other lines were then painted on.

Finishing touches

Finally, a wood-like icing frame was placed around the picture to give it a painting-like effect.

The finished cake was indeed my masterpiece!

The original painting

The Picasso cake

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Picasso cake

One of my most exciting and creatively satisfying challenges to date is coming to a conclusion this week. It’s going to be fantastic.

I have been commissioned to make a cake for an artist. It is based on one of her favourite paintings, a Picasso masterpiece called “Nude woman in a red armchair”. This painting is on display at Tate Britain.


I can hardly wait for the finished piece and to blog all the design details. Watch the space !!

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Big Bang Theory

This cake is inspired by the “Melting” Rubik’s cube T-shirt worn by one of the geeks on The Big Bang Theory.

Melting Rubik’s cube cake

The cube was assembled from an 8inch square raspberry & white chocolate cake which was trimmed to get this shape.  It is very important cut it accurately or you could end up with a thin base giving an unstable structure.

The cake was covered in black sugarpaste and the individual coloured squares stuck on in a random pattern.

The colourful squiggles which show the colours melting away were made by arranging tubes of different colours on the cake board. These were then flattened using a small rolling pin.

I am sure it made one geek very happy!


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Pebble beach cake

I was commissioned to make this cake for a 40th birthday party for a lady who loves the tranquility of pebble beaches and has a particular fondness for marzipan.

Pebble beach cake

The pebbles, starfish and shells are individually crafted pieces of marzipan. I managed to achieve a more natural pebble like effect by marbling the different colours.

Pebbles on the beach

My biggest challenge was creating a wave like effect on the sea. I considered various techniques found on other blog posts before coming up with a whole new idea. I have often used this technique of royal icing brush embroidery on wedding cakes. I just modified it slightly to suit the effect I was trying to achieve.  The waves were meant to be gentle ones, so thinner lines of royal icing were piped before brushing them inwards.

Sea waves

I am pleased as punch with the overall effect & the customer seemed delighted to see it as well.


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Some like it hot – part 2

Here’s how the cake looked with the chillies thrown on…

Red hot chilli cake

The cake itself was a rich chocolate cake filled with chilli chocolate ganache.

The chillies were handcrafted from marzipan and painted with various shades of red food colours to give a  more natural look.

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Some like it hot

I am looking forward to making 3 exciting cakes this weekend, each with a different theme.

The first one will have red chillies made from marzipan (see photo). All of these have been hand rolled and painted.

The second one is a pebble beach themed cake and will have pebbles, shells and starfish, all made of marzipan.

The third one is based on the melting rubik’s cube tshirt from the popular show “The Big Bang Theory”.

I will post more pictures when they are ready.

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Designer handbag cake

For a girl who loves shopping, make up and all things designer, I was commissioned to make a Prada handbag cake.

Designer Handbag cake

The inspiration for this bag was taken from a handbag I liked on the Prada website.

The most difficult part was creating the crinkled effect. I achieved this by rolling out long strips of sugarpaste and lifting them at various places using a dowel. The joints were then covered using strips of sugarpaste. The effect of stitching was done with modelling tools. Once the sugarpaste had dried out a little, the bag was dusted with a bit of pearl glitter to give it a shine.

All the cosmetics placed around the cake were handcrafted and edible. The colours and glimmer on the compact powder, eye shadow and lipstick were achieved by dusting powder colours on coloured sugarpaste.

The overall effect was that of the contents spilled out of a girl’s handbag. I hope it made her day.


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