Dalek cake

For my friend “The Build Doctor“.

This weekend I had a very special order to make a birthday cake for a friend who can be mildly described as geeky. I decided to go for a Dalek as I knew he happens to be a huge Dr. Who fan.

The overall structure and shape of the Dalek is not very conventional. After a lot of research on the internet, I had figured out what it should look like. But to get to a point where I could create a paper stencil of the overall shape, I had to put my engineering drawing skills to good use!

The cake itself is made from 2 cakes – a dome shaped one and a square one.

The bottom part is carved out in the slightly angular shape using my paper stencil. The golden rivets attached to it are actually Galaxy Minstrels sprayed with an edible golden varnish.

The metallic strips on the middle layer are cut out, shaped and coloured individually. The weapons are made from pastillage. Pastillage sets really hard – this ensured the gun and plunger retained their shape and were also able to stay upright on their own.

The top layer consists of 4 layers of individually wrapped mini cakes. 3 of them are decorated with black royal icing and separated with black pastillage discs. The top layer is carved with a roundish top. The eye and the lights on the head are made from pastillage and sugarpaste.

The overall structure is supported up with wooden dowels.

Appropriately, when the cake was cut, we had a KLF song blaring out of the speakers.

About Deepali Gandhi

Le Cordon bleu trained patissiere, chocolatier and a first time entrepreneur. I believe in delivering remarkable well crafted products that look and taste great.
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