How to design a cake

It’s all about transforming an idea into an edible creation!

Once you have the theme, you need to start thinking about how it can be reconstructed as a cake.  I normally begin by hunting for any information I can find about it, browse through images, wikipedia, websites etc. Images can be a very good starting point. Here’s the image I used for the crown cake …

The materials used in a cake are quite different to those used in a crown so you can’t always have an exact replica. I had to make a few tweaks to the decorations to make them fit securely on the cake without completely altering the look. I’ve also used the colour scheme red-white-blue as that was part of the theme. In keeping with the theme, the cake I used was a Victoria sponge. The crown was baked in a round pyrex bowl, giving it the dome shape and the bottom white strip was a standard 7 inch round cake. The dome was carved to the desired shape & cut in to 2 layers of the same size as the cake at the bottom. The 3 layers were supported using 3 wooden dowels.

Here’s what I managed to achieve …

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About Deepali Gandhi

Le Cordon bleu trained patissiere, chocolatier and a first time entrepreneur. I believe in delivering remarkable well crafted products that look and taste great.
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