Genoise sponge

For those of you who asked for it… this is the recipe I used for the roulade last week.
The measurements are suited to a 60cm x 40cm tray so do scale down if you have a smaller oven – I used only 1/2 the recipe for mine!

All that you need:
4 medium eggs
125g sugar
75g plain flour

A baking tray
A heatproof bowl (glass or steel are best!)
A hot water bath (Kitchen towels placed in a pan of water, heated at low temperature)

Get started!

Whisk eggs and sugar on a hot water bath till sugar dissolves

Take off heat and continue whisking

... until you can see ribbons when the mix is drizzled and it is cold to touch.

Fold in the flour in 3 or 4 parts

Spread on a tray lined with baking paper or silicon mat

Bake at 180° C for 10-12 minutes till it looks like this…

Golden brown and evenly cooked

Leave to cool on baking sheet (NOT on the tray).

It should be ready to roll in 15 minutes!

TIP: You could use the same recipe for making a 7″ cake but I would fold in about 40g of melted butter before pouring into the cake tin – it makes the cake more moist.

About Deepali Gandhi

Le Cordon bleu trained patissiere, chocolatier and a first time entrepreneur. I believe in delivering remarkable well crafted products that look and taste great.
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